Rob Moler - “COMPELLO NOS SUPER INFINITIO” (Tell Us About Eternity)


Name of Artwork | “COMPELLO NOS SUPER INFINITIO” (Tell Us About Eternity)

Technique | Oil painting on cradled panel

Year of creation | 2015

Size | 60 x 91 x 5 cm (not framed)

Price | 4300 

One of a kind

Shipping: From 150 €, additional fees may apply

Rob Moler:

"This painting from my “Latin Series” has been sprayed with archival matte varnish to reduce glare. Edges have been painted black for presentation without the additional need for framing. The panel has been wired and is ready to hang. 

I am drawn to surrealism as it depicts a world where time is meaningless and gravity does not rule. In this particular painting, hummingbirds curiously encircle a human skull, the traditional symbol of death and vanity. Will the skull whisper his secrets to them or remain lifeless and silent? In one corner, the small portrait of a hallowed man glows; in the opposite corner the symbol of separation (scissors) levitates in space. Is the man depicted a citizen of heaven or merely a distant memory of a life once lived? Is his reality an eternally beautiful form or this remnant of bone? Are we “to be or not to be?” That’s the frustrating question we all seek to answer".