Yngve Sjolund - Choose Life Diptych


Name of Artwork | Choose Life Diptych

Technique | Acrylic on canvas

Year of Creation | 2018

Size | 40 x 50 cm Each One (not framed)

Price | 3600 € (Together) 

One of a kind

Shipping | From 150 €

This diptych was selected by CW+ ARTS to be included as part of a group show at Chelsea Westminster Hospital to commemorate World AIDS Day 2022.

CW+ is the official charity of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Every year on World AIDS day we light light a candle in remembrance of all those beautiful and bright souls who were snuffed out by HIV during the AIDS epidemic. Death, disease, disability and infirmity are realities of life. But we must not be sad, depressed or defeated. We can CHOOSE LIFE.
With the advent of antiretroviral medications, we all have a second chance to live again. HIV is no longer a death sentence. We must still be safe and care for ourselves and protect others. To choose life is to do no harm. We can live a good and meaningful life - and change the world for the better.