Pan Homo Art Gallery Docuseries - E01 - Eitan Kedmy

Erez Bialer of Pan Homo Art Gallery is proud to present: The first episode in a docuseries about Pan Homo Art Gallery gay artists - Eitan Kedmy.

Eitan Kedmy is an Israeli gay artist with a body of works spanning over 40 years of creativity. He is a painter, a sculptor and a teacher on Mandala art. Only in the last 2 years his queer male figurative artworks come to light, through Pan Homo Art Gallery. In this first episode Eitan talks about his childhood, his dual life as an artist in the closet and about his encounters with men, through online dating sites, through-which he meets his real-life models. Some of the artworks are very explicit and are exposed in this video for the first time ever.
Production: Erez Bialer - Pan Gallery. Photography, sound and interviewer: Lior Horesh Editing and music: Or Haim Ben David (OBD).
All rights reserved to Pan Homo Art Gallery 2022.

January 16, 2023 — Erez Bialer

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