Pan Homo Art Gallery is the first (and only) homosexual art gallery in the Middle East, based in Tel Aviv, and it's sole purpose is to present, sell and spread-out contemporary gay art, and to bring forth the best gay artists to date, with an emphasis on male body art. Named after the famous faun, Pan Homo Art Gallery is the enterprise of Erez Bialer, and all works are collected and curated by him.

Bialer, born in 1983 and residing in Israel, is a producer, writer, artist and musician, long active in the local gay community. After producing two art and music events in Tel Aviv in 2006, campaigning for Gay Tel Aviv in 2011, and completing his Bachelor of Arts in media and management in 2014, Bialer set out to major in Digital Marketing, managing the social media for some of the biggest brands in the Israeli market. In 2015 he released his first e.p unofficially (under the pseudonym EZB) and became the first ever openly gay Israeli hip-hop singer.  

In 2018 he quit digital advertising and returned to the art world to manage a boutique art gallery in Tel Aviv until April 2021, producing group and single exhibitions of contemporary Israeli art.

Pan Homo Art Gallery shop was officially launched on April 2021, after a year of planning, design, branding and curating. The first Launch Exhibition debuted in Tel Aviv in June 2021 during Pride, and since then the gallery has been collaborating with Brown Hotels collection, with changing group exhibitions of gay art in their Poly House Hotel, and in other places, like the new Municipal Tel Aviv Gay Center, the Assemblage Staircase Gallery at the Assemblage Boutique Hotel, and more. The press coverage was flattering, and amongst gallery clients is the new Ozen Bar club, where a big artwork is presented by Pan artist Michael Golian. 

Pan is proud to cater the design needs of LGBTQ+ people in Tel Aviv and around the world, and to serve as a home for LGBTQIA+ artists and allies, to present homosexual male art. We ship worldwide.

Bialer: "Pan is lord of the forest, patron of the arts, music and mischief. I have always admired male body paintings, and male nude sculptures, and the playfulness of the faun, so it only seemed natural to call my homo art shop Pan Gallery.

I invite you to step into my homo art world, presenting works by gay artists from Israel, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Poland, and more. Paintings, photography, sculptures, fine mineral carvings, and many other beautiful, hand made, one-of-a-kind, artisan items - all in one very gay shop."  


Erez Bialer 2021 Photo by Lior Horesh


Address: 24/4 Yoav Street, Ramat Gan, Israel 52531709
(By appointment only)