German Mr. Leader Contest 2007

Short Film by Zohar Kaniel

Based in Tel Aviv and curated by Erez Bialer

the first (and only) gay art gallery in the middle east

Launch Video by As We Design

New in pan

Terry hastings fine art male photography

Palm Springs, CA, based artist Terry Hastings joins Pan Homo Art Gallery collection

dror amsallem - bayad series

acrylic and glass art

Ralf Strauss gay art

Ralf Strauss is a German gay artist who creates colorful depictions of men in various materials, including acrylic glass

Guy Yechiely Fine Art Photography

Israeli Gay photographer Guy Yechiely's works were sold to the biggest collectors in Israel. Now we feature a collection of his works

Ori Paul Levi - Gay Art Collage

Los Angeles based Israeli gay artist Ori Paul Levi is presenting a selection of works from his gay collage art series

adrian frejowski

Contemporary gay oil paintings by Polish artist living in Tel Aviv