PHAG 7 - Gay-Eye - Celebrating Human Ingenuity: Why Our Online Gay Art Gallery Excludes AI-Generated Art

Header art by Hamodi Al Mahdi

The new buzzword "AI" seems to be everywhere and it's getting hard to tell whether the content you are seeing is human or machine generated. 

Art has long been a medium for expressing human emotions, experiences, and perspectives. In the digital age, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has introduced exciting possibilities for creative expression. However, our online gay art gallery remains dedicated exclusively to human-generated art. In this blog post, I delve into the reasons behind this decision and affirm the importance of human ingenuity and the role of gay art in social change.

Art by Itay Zalait

The Essence of Human Emotion and Experience:

Art is a powerful means to convey our deepest emotions, experiences, and stories, and also protest and express political criticism. By focusing solely on human-generated art, our online gay art gallery seeks to celebrate the unique essence of creativity and artists possess an intrinsic ability to infuse their work with the nuances of their lived experiences, capturing the intricacies of LGBTQ+ identities and fostering a sense of relatability and empathy within the community.

Art by Michael Golian

Preserving Authenticity and Artistic Vision:

Art is deeply personal and reflects the artist's individual style, beliefs, and perspective. Our decision to exclude AI-generated art from our collection stems from a desire to preserve the authenticity and artistic vision that artists bring to their work. AI algorithms, while capable of generating visually stunning compositions, lack the lived experiences and subjective interpretations that make human-generated art so profound, and most of their output is based on existing materials. By focusing on human-generated art, we honor the artists' unique voice and their contributions to LGBTQ+ representation and cultural heritage, and promote new thinking and expressions, rather than recycle existing ones into new compositions.

Clip by As We Design

The Importance of Human Connection:

Art has the remarkable ability to forge connections between the artist, the artwork, and the audience. By showcasing human-generated art exclusively, Pan online gay gallery creates a space where viewers can engage with the genuine narratives conveyed by real people. This human connection fosters not only a sense of community, but also promotes normalization, and encourages dialogue and acceptance.

Art by Lior Horesh

Promoting Artistic Growth and Exploration:

Artistic growth and exploration are essential components of any art movement. Our online gay art gallery strives to provide a platform that encourages LGBTQ+ artists to experiment, innovate, and challenge societal norms. By focusing on human-generated art, we create an environment that fosters artistic growth, where artists can push boundaries, explore new techniques, and contribute to the rich tapestry of art history. Human artists bring a depth of knowledge and artistic evolution that is invaluable to the continued development of any art movement.

Art by Liron Sitruk

So to conclude in so many words: Art is a deeply personal and human endeavor, enabling individuals to express their emotions, experiences, and unique perspectives and techniques. Our online gay art gallery focuses exclusively on human-generated art to honor the authenticity, emotional depth, and richness that artists bring to their work. By celebrating the ingenuity of man-made creativity, we preserve the essence of queer art, fostering connections, and supporting the growth of the art community. We allow new ideas to come to light and provide a platform for proud art, thus normalizing the appearance of gayness, in the art world as well as in real-life.

Fine art photography by Zohar Kaniel

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June 25, 2023 — Erez Bialer


Rob Moler

Rob Moler said:

I appreciate the thoughts expressed in this article about the gallery’s decision to not represent artworks created through AI tools. I personally feel that artists need to get “dirty” making their work, using hand-held materials and tools which connect with their minds to lived experiences.

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