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I hope your 2023 started well, and you are ready for some gay art news by Pan Homo Art Gallery. There is so much to share about what’s going on now - I don’t know where to begin: Newly represented gay artists, a gay art mini-docuseries featuring Pan artists and their story, a monthly “Open House” sale event with discounts and also gay art about the holocaust.

Newly Featured Gay Artists

Starting with the most exciting news: We have new artists represented by Pan which include 2 elderly Israeli gay men, whose been creating gay art for over 50 years, and only recently it is coming to light:

  • Amir Ginat is a 76 years old gay artist, who came out recently after 53 years of marriage to his ex-wife, 4 children and 8 grandchildren. His figurative male art was showing for less than one week on our site, and one of his pieces immediately sold. It is now in a private collection in Munich, Germany.

    Painting sold: Amir Ginat - Two Dancers, Acrylic 70 x 80 cm

  • Eitan Erel is an 83 years old gay artist and jewelry designer, educated in Denmark, and mastered in Tel Aviv. He draws nude men since the 1980’s and has a collection of male nudes, just waiting to be discovered.

    Coal drawing by Eitan Erel, 1991 

Pan Gay Artists Docuseries – Eitan Kedmy

Since the day the gallery started working, I heard so many fascinating life-stories by the gay and lesbian artists I represent. These stories should come to light, and so I joined up with my friend and colleague award-winning photographer Lior Horesh, and my friend Or Ben David (OBD), to produce a mini-docuseries featuring Pan artists. The first episode is recently released, featuring Mandala and male nude artist Eitan Kedmy.

“Open House” Sale Event

Following the great success of the previous events, and to answer further demand, I am launching a special monthly “Open House” sale event, where people can set up a private visit to my home, see gay art and acquire it on clearance sale with massive discounts. Event usually happens on the last Thursday of every month, and entrance is free with registration in advance.  

Gay Art About the Holocaust

They say “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

As the first gay art gallery in Israel, it is a great responsibility to show and bring forward gay art made by Israelis, but not only. Recently, the gallery had received an email with artworks revolving around the plight of homosexuals during the holocaust. This series, made by Simon O’corra, depict difficult scenes of gays in the holocaust in acrylic. They vary in size from 60/80 cm to 100/100 cm. O’corra is an award-winning screenwriter, poet and artist from England.

These images are provoking. They stay with you in your mind long after you set your eyes away. Even though in my honest opinion these gay artworks are not very commercial, and it will be difficult to sell them, I still feel there must be made space to present materials like this, to provoke thought and discussion.

In times like this, when good-seeking citizens all over the world are fighting fascism and corruption, and LGBTQIA+ people are attacked by conservative regressive madness, it is most important to promote gay culture and support LGBTQIA+ artists. It is most important to have non-commercial spaces to present troubling, mind-boggling art, which deals with difficult subjects, like the plight of gay men during the holocaust.  

Five Figures by Simon O'corra, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 150 cm

Final Portrait, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 60 cm

Bucket Head, acrylic on canvas. 75 x 75 cm 


January 24, 2023 — Erez Bialer
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