Zohar Kaniel - Fade From My TV Screen 1999


Zohar Kaniel is a documentary and fine art photographer who's works were presented in the Israel Museum and art biennales across the world. He produced, shot and directed a few award winning documentaries and was partner of the late controversial ground breaking contemporary Israeli artist Moshe Gershuni, with whom he broke out to public consciousness, presenting homo erotic, almost pornographic photos of them together during and post coitus, and in other intimate situations. The age difference between them at the time was more than 30 years apart.

At the time, in 1999, the board of directors of the Israel Museum demanded to remove the works from the exhibition, but Gershuni and Kaniel filed a plea to court, which ruled in their favor, and the works were eventually presented, with a warning sign and behind a curtain.

These 2 photos, which are now presented for the first time since 1999 in "Daddy Issues" exhibition, were taken from the reflection of a TV screen in a hotel room. They were produced in a unique technique which is no longer used called Ciba Chrome print, taken directly on a slide and not on regular film.

Name of artwork | Fade From My TV Screen 1999

Year of Creation | 1999

Technique | Analog photograph taken on Ciba Chrome Print framed with protective glass

Size | 35 x 45 cm (framed)

Price | 1400 € each (Shipping: 250 €)